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This is an invitation for a masquerade ball that doubles as a kit to create the mask you will wear to the event. The front of the card is perforated in the shape of a mask and is printed with a different design on each side, adding to the variety of the final masks. The recipient will ‘punch out’ the mask and use the decorative items included in the kit to create their very own mask.

The box comes wrapped with a satin ribbon and opens to reveal the invitation. Beneath the invitation, inside the sealed tissue paper, is an envelope containing feathers, and a set of instructions. A small bottle of glue, spools of ribbon, and small bottles of gems and sparkles are also included in the kit. Both elastic string and a small dowel are included, so the mask can be worn either way. All of the items have been wrapped with customized labels to match the theme of the ball.

Shown above are three views of the invitation. Note: the images are not shown to size in relation to each other.


Book Jacket

For this assignment I was provided with the publisher’s logo, trim size, copy, and a variety of images. I selected one of the images and used it to create a clipping mask of an eagle feather. The same shape was then repeated and ghosted on other parts of the cover to add interest and unify the design. Subtle textures and muted tones combine with serif and script typefaces to give the design the feeling of a long lost journal. Shown above is the flat design with crop and fold marks included.

Annual Report

This is an annual report I did for Arbor Forestry. For this assignment I laid out all of the elements in the report, including charts, graphs, images, and body copy. I created a strong hierarchy that would make reading the report easier and more enjoyable. The page numbers in the bottom corners  are grouped with blocks of colour so the different sections of the report can be seen without opening it. Shown above is the cover and two interior spreads.

Cocoa Camino

This is a promotional brochure for Cocoa Camino. Inside the folder is a booklet containing information about the company, as well as a removable business card. I took several of the photographs myself, including the one on the cover of the folder, and the photo on the cover of the booklet. Shown above is the front of the folder, partially open, as well as three interior views. Note: The color is slightly off in these photos and needs to be reshot, the folder is more of a purple color.

Wasabi Sabi Menu

This is a menu design for Wasabi Sabi. It would be printed on a textured stock to provide a matte finish that would minimize fingerprints and glare. The menu can be bound with a rubberband and/or thin strip of bamboo, making it easy to remove or reprint pages as needed. Shown above is the cover and a few interior pages.

Anatomy of Type

This is an experimental poster design illustrating the theme ‘anatomy of typography’. Each image represents a typographic term and the full title is hidden within the piece, inviting the viewer in to discover it. The layered elements and unique colorscheme add interest and depth to the design.

Bruce Gillespie

I created this poster on the theme ‘let the music take your mind’ in memory of Bruce Gillespie who taught at Red River College. This poster represents his immense love of music, (and cats) and incorporates part of the massive collection he had built up over the years. I built a scale model, photographed it, and added to it in photoshop.