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The Fall – Opening Credits

This is an animation that I created for the opening credits of the movie The Fall using the program After Effects. I used screen grabs from the movie to incorporate the actual characters and key elements, and created a vibrant, illustrated background to support the colourful, imaginative story told throughout the movie. I also set the animation to custom music that I created by sourcing and downloading various instrumental songs and layering/cutting them together in garage band.


GO! Promotional Video

This is a promotional video generated for GO! [Growing Opportunities International]. The logo and images were supplied by the client, along with the song choice, which I then cut down in garage band. The images, layered with a looped video clip of old film, are set to transition with the music. I used adjustment layers to create a sepia tone effect and add a peripheral blur to enhance the projected look. The type is set to animate in smoothly and fade out. I also layered the cut song with projector SFX and adjusted the audio levels throughout the video to reinforce the idea of an old fashioned movie.