Stella’s Homepage

This is a homepage design for Stella’s Cafe & Bakery. The design is meant to illustrate the inviting, rustic atmosphere of the restaurant. Optional sound and interactive elements, such as animated page markers and page transitions, make the website more memorable and engage the viewer.


Anatomy of Type

This is an experimental poster design illustrating the theme ‘anatomy of typography’. Each image represents a typographic term and the full title is hidden within the piece, inviting the viewer in to discover it. The layered elements and unique colorscheme add interest and depth to the design.

Bruce Gillespie

I created this poster on the theme ‘let the music take your mind’ in memory of Bruce Gillespie who taught at Red River College. This poster represents his immense love of music, (and cats) and incorporates part of the massive collection he had built up over the years. I built a scale model, photographed it, and added to it in photoshop.

Burning Man

poster design

This is a poster that I designed to advertise the Burning Man festival. I photographed bits and pieces of items they used to build sculptures in the past. I then created a digital collage sculpture that represents the environment and atmosphere of the festival.

MaraNatha Packaging


For this assignment I redesigned the logo and packaging for MaraNatha. The twine and brown paper tag emphasize the idea that this is a high quality, organic product, while the minimalist packaging emphasizes the wholesome simplicity of the product.

Doritos Packaging

Spicy Caesar

I created a new flavour of Doritos and designed the packaging. The final solution needed to remain consistent with the Doritos brand as well as represent the flavour of the chips. The shape inside the glass is a clear window allowing the chips to be seen inside the bag. I accounted for the natural level of the chips when placing the window.